Josh Gardner

Josh is CEO of Kung Fu Data, a data analytics and optimization firm with a unique lens into success in China’s largest ecommerce platform. Fluent Mandarin speaker and serial entrepreneur, Josh has founded six businesses since graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Anthropology from Boston University in 1997.

He is a 9-year member of Entrepreneurs Organization, acting Forum Chair of the Shanghai chapter, featured keynote and expert at ChinaConnect, AdTech, NZTE, CCBC, USA ATO, SBR, and Thompson Reuters.

Josh is tenaciously objective in his approach to ecommerce in China and spends his days helping consumer brands run successful flagship stores. A passionate innovator with a background in anthropology and Chinese language, Josh is responsive, insightful, relentless and adaptable.

He’s deeply committed to helping clients get past their sticking points in sales, marketing and business development online in China. As one client so eloquently put it, "Josh pulls no punches." He offers only objective, thoughtful advice without regard to personal benefit.

He currently resides at the Shanghai Racquet Club with his lovely wife Kate, a school psychologist and learning support leader at Shanghai American School, and their two children, 9-year old Bennett and 5-year old Elena.